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New Row Primary School,Castledawson

Shared Education

We are very proud of our links with Castledawson Primary School and how they enhance the children’s experiences – both inside and outside school.

2015-16 was a very special year as we embarked on a new joint 3-year programme funded by Shared Education Signature Project, overseen by ETI. Staff work together to plan, team-teach and evaluate learning across the curriculum to enhance coverage for every child in both schools. The local area is utilised to the maximum to ensure the children realise the commonalities between their past, present and futures.

We are now in Year 4 of our planned programme of work and the partnership continues to flourish and develop, underpinned by the commitment of the entire school communities.


Meet the team

New Row PS

Shared Education Coordinator: Miss C Walls (Acting: Mrs D Graffin)

Principal: Mrs D Graffin

Castledawson PS

Shared Education Coordinator: Mrs J Nelson

Principal: Mrs M McCusker

Some background to our Shared Education Project

Shared Education Coordinators & Principals from both schools involved
Shared Education Coordinators & Principals from both schools involved

Children from Castledawson Primary School and New Row Primary School will be working together in partnership through the Shared Education Project.
“Shared Education involves the provision of opportunities for children and young people from different community backgrounds to learn together.” (Education and Training Inspectorate)

We are building upon the already existing relationship between the two schools and we are progressing to the next level where our main focus is on raising standards in teaching and learning.

The children from both schools will be involved in a series of shared lessons, throughout this year. The aims of the programme will be to develop friendships and promote learning through PDMU, Literacy, Numeracy, World Around Us, PE and Art activities using a shared class approach. The children will also be exploring personal attributes, similarities and differences as part of the Northern Ireland Curriculum. This project will enable the two schools to share good practice and expertise and to plan and deliver lessons together.

Lots of exciting opportunities await!


Latest Shared Education News

Year 4 of our Shared Education Project

New Row PS and Castledawson PS are now in our fourth year of joint learning and shared experiences.

We are very excited about what the year ahead holds, with more classes getting involved in activities specifically designed to improve the children’s educational experiences.

This year we have children involved in the project from Primary 2 right through to Primary 7.  The aim is to increase engagement whilst enhancing the children's learning experiences.  We are so excited to #learntogether 

  • Primary 2 & 3 (CPS) and Primary 2 (NRPS) will have opportunities to work together through Play lessons and PDMU lessons.

  • Primary 2 & 3 (CPS) and Primary 3 (NRPS) will meet around the theme of ‘Teddy Bear’s Picnic’ and complete a forest trail.

  • Primary 4 & 5 (CPS) and Primary 4 (NRPS) will collaborate on lessons focused around the World Around Us theme of World War II, with a particular emphasis on Using ICT.

  • Primary 4 & 5 (CPS)and Primary 5 (NRPS) will have opportunities to enhance skills in The Arts and P.E.

  • Primary 6 & 7 (CPS) and Primary 6 (NRPS) will participate in outdoor learning experiences linked to Numeracy.

  • Primary 6 & 7 (CPS) and Primary 7 (NRPS) will collaborate on a Junior Enterprise Project in a Dragon’s Den style of events.

As an additional aspect to our joint work, the teachers of CPS & NRPS will be working together to enhance outdoor Numeracy.  Teachers will meet up with their partner teacher to spend time planning outdoor Maths lessons with a focus on investigation and problem-solving.  This is a great opportunity for staff to develop their skills and share good practice. Building positive professional relationships can only benefit our children – whilst having a positive impact on the community.

Watch out for more information in our weekly newsletters, Twitter and website.

Definitely #bettertogether :)