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New Row Primary School,Castledawson

Hive Hackers coding course ends on a high!

5th Apr 2019

Our Y5 & 6 pupils were delighted to have been involved in this innovative 7-week coding programme supported by PWC.

The project was based on at least 1.5 hours of coding per week, assisted by Hive Hackers volunteers.

Read all about it! Here are just a selection of our Y5 & 6 reports....


Hive Hackers

I really enjoyed the hive hackers experience because of the fun programs and really kind and helpful assistants. I also liked the fact that sometimes we would make our own games and got to publish them. Hive hackers is a program that teaches children from P5 to P6 basic skills in coding and this is done in fun and educational ways. I remember always looking forward to Hive Hackers and being sad when it stopped. I think it’s very important for children my age to learn basic coding for future experience. Computers are a very important part of society and are used in daily life, so I think it’s really good that we got a good insight into computing and programming in such a fun and practical way. Thank you so much Ricky, Rachael and Connor for coming to our school. We thoroughly enjoyed it and were taught so much in a fun way.

By Aoibhe P6


I loved Hive Hackers because I got to show my work to my family. Through Hive Hackers I have learnt how to code, work in partners/groups, learn coding language and I have learnt that you don’t always get things right. Hive Hackers made me happy. You could maybe have it go on for a bit longer because it was so fun or a bit more time to complete our workbooks. Hive Hackers was a great and epic coding experience for me. Thank you so much PWC you really made my Wednesday’s a whole lot happier. A special thank you to Ricky, Conor and Rachael for helping us complete our work and thank you for picking New Row.

By Maggie P6


Hive Hackers was one of the best accomplishments of our lives. We made a flappy bird game and published it. We made a magnificent story. We had great fun at Hive Hackers and I wish that we could do it again. I can’t believe that they picked New Row Primary School. I want to say a big THANK YOU to Hive Hackers.

By Cristin P6


Hive Hackers is all about teaching children how to code. Hive Hackers is important/fun because it teaches you how to code and use an iPad sensibly. Hive Hackers is an unforgettable experience and I hope others will find it as enjoyable as I did.

By Melissa P6


I loved doing Hive Hackers we got to do coding and it was really fun. Doing Hive Hackers was a once in a life time experience and I’ll never forget it. I got to choose my own partner and I thought it was pretty cool. I couldn’t choose my favourite lesson it’s either between flappy birds or the one where you can create your own story. There was nothing I didn’t enjoy about Hive Hackers it was all amazing and it was easy to understand but still a fun challenge. At the end we got a medal and a certificate I feel like I improved my skills on iPad computer and even iPhone. It was the best experience that I hope I never forget. I really enjoyed it and thank you for choosing New Row primary school.

By Therese P6


I really enjoyed how to decode. The staff were very helpful. I loved using the iPad and learning how to debug things was fun. Filling in the book was interesting.

By Pearce P5


I loved Hive Hackers so much. I really enjoyed the iPad work and learning new things. One of my favourite parts was when we had to make the bee get the nectar and also make the honey. My whole class loved Hive Hackers. It was a lovely experience for Y5 and Y6.

By Aine P5


In week one of Hive Hackers we learned about the basics of coding. We also got to make paper aeroplanes. The little video clips were very helpful. It was a lot of fun! I was so sad when it ended.

By Declan P5


Before Hive Hackers I didn’t really know how to code but now I am so much better at it. Me and Thomas worked together to make a really fun game which we called, ‘The Best game ever!’ When Hive Hackers started I was a bit nervous I wouldn’t be good at it but the staff were very helpful. I really loved Hive Hackers it taught me a lot about coding I now know how to make a character vanish!

By Niamh P5


Hive hackers was an awesome experience for coders! I love coding so that meant I loved Hive Hackers! It was so much fun especially when we got to use iPads. I loved playing all the cool mini games. I love Hive Hackers.

By Maya P5


I enjoyed the day when we got to create our own games I also liked when we did the debugging. Connor helped us learn lots of new things. I would love to go through the Hive Hackers programme again. I would love to say a big thank you to them all.

By Thandi P5